La Champagne

La Champagne - Reims - Epernay
Excursions en Champagne

Visit Reims which crowned the kings, Epernay and the king of wines: Champagne

Reims - Epernay - Champagne Region

The Champagne’s area is famous for wine lovers and is also known for its great churches, the most famous one being the Reims Cathedral.

Visite : Vins de Champagne et histoire

The crowning of the Kings of France

Since the 11th Century all the Kings of France have come to Reims, the city of coronation, to be crowned in the remarkable cathedral. This is a masterpiece of flamboyant gothic art. Its exceptional ornamentation is marked by curious gargoyles symbolising evil spirits.

Visite : Cathédrale de Rheims

Le champagne

Epernay is the home of some of the best known “maisons de champagne”. You will visit the chalky caves and taste prestigious brands of Champagne, Moet et Chandon, Pommery, Louis Roederer. Dom Perignon, was a famous monk who discovered the secret of the alchemy of the Champagne.

Visite : Les vins de champagne (Cave)

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