Loire Valley

Loire Valley - Les Châteaux of the Loire Valley
Visites des Châteaux de la Loire

Visit the Loire Valley counting up along its course the history of France and castles.

Les Châteaux of the Loire Valley

Chambord - Cheverny - Chenonceau - Amboise - Clos Lucé - Villandry

Discovering a valley that was once the favourite area of the French Kings. As Capetians (987-1328) they established their dynasty at Orleans before choosing Paris as their Capital.

Visite des châteaux de la Loire

No journey in the world offers such a variety of exceptional sites and historical monuments; here History combined spiritual and cultural ways of life. All The “Châteaux”, Manor Houses, Churches and Abbeys are testimonials of the French History. 

Les chateaux de la Loire : visites culturelles

“The Loire is a Queen loved by Kings”.

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