Versailles & Chartres

Versailles & Chartres - Excursions and visits
Excursions to Versailles & Chartres

Exploring the Châteaux of Versailles
and Chartres Cathedral


With its Fascinating "Le Grand Siècle" atmosphere, Versailles is one of the most prestigious monuments of the world’s artistic heritage and certainly the finest and most complete achievement of the 17th Century French Art. King Louis XIII’s former hunting lodge was enlarged by Louis XIV The Sun King.

Versailles est l'un des monuments les plus prestigieux au monde

He engaged the great masters creators of Vaux le Vicomte. The Royal Apartments, The Hall of Mirrors, The Royal Opera, The Grand Trianon ( retreat of Louis XIV from the stiff etiquette of the court), Le Petit Trianon with an English style garden (created for Louis XV and Madame de Pompadour and the famous queen’s hamlet added for Queen Marie Antoinette),Versailles is the model of formal gardens ”à la Française”.

The city and Chartres Cathedral

Chartres is the mind of the middle Ages manifest. You will discover its history with monuments, fortifications, its gallo roman crypts, picturesque streets and above all : the Cathedral. Begun in 1020, the roman and gothic cathedral is a true “bible in stone”.

La cathédrale romane et gothique de Chartres

You will see the glorious collection of stained glass windows, with the world renowned the “Blue” of Chartres and the largest crypt (220 meters long) with 7 chapels inside. There is no grave in the cathedral dedicated to the Virgin.

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